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Articles and chapters

Ecumenical critical theory, pluralism and developmental trends

Thesis Eleven, vol. 0, no. 0, 2024.

Critical theory and climate change: Collective subjectivity, evolution and modernity

International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, online first 2023 (pp. 1-17).

Climate change and its lexicon: An analytical and critical view

International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, vol. 36 ([2021] 2023): 163-178 (online first 2021, pp. 1-16).

Brazil: Tragedy and political choices in the face of coronavirus

in Federica Duca e Sarah Meny-Gibert (orgs.), Social Contracts around the World through the Covid-19 Pandemic: Rapid Test. Nova York e Londres: Routledge, 2023 (pp. 137-152).

Ciclos políticos: su conceptualización y la América Latina contemporánea

in Esteban Torres e José Maurício Domingues (orgs.), Nuevos actores y cambio social en América Latina. Buenos Aires: CLACSO, 2022 (pp. 263-280). Com/com/with Breno Bringel.

Power and rule, civilizations and the modern political dimension: Parallelism, convergence and divergence in social evolution

International Review of Sociology, vol. 34, 2022 (pp. 1-27).

Coronavirus and social change

in Breno Bringel e Geoffrey Pleyers (orgs./comps./eds), Social Movements and Politics in a Global Pandemic. Bristol: Policy Press – Bristol University Press, 2022 (pp. 225-232).

From global risk to global threat: State capabilities and modernity in times of coronavirus

Current Sociology, vol. 70, 2022 (pp. 6-23) (online first 2020, pp. 1-18).

The political dimension of modernity and the unsurpassable exteriority of ‘nature

International Journal of Social Imaginaries, vol. 1, 2022 (pp. 17-41).

Extreme-right, democracy and oligarchy: Brazil in the global context

Revista eurolatinoamericana de análisis social y politico, vol. 2, 2021 (pp. 101-116).

Teoría crítica, sociología política y la apertura del horizonte histórico

in Esteban Torres (org./comp./ed.), Hacia la renovación de la teoría social latinoamericana. Buenos Aires: CLACSO, 2020 (pp. 265-288).

Brazil: Tragedy and political choices in the face of coronavirus

Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, vol. 62, 2021 (pp. 4-14).

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